domenica 24 luglio 2011

Reverse engineering human brain

Have you ever lost yourself into thinking about the thinking structure that flows into your mind?

It's quite amazing and I'm getting more and more confident while I do this. It's basically a callback function in our brain that is run every time we perform an action, or what I like to call, a major subroutine. This means that you think about how you think (which is pretty recursive) but often led to see how you really think and act and why.

Let's take an example that happens to myself sometimes. I'm often late for pretty anything on earth except for two things: school and girls. This is quite strage, Watson. What makes the difference in my brain between "going out with friends", "singing lesson" and "go out with a girl"?
I realized that we constantly make some micro checks of what we have to do in definite periods of time. Than we also order our to-do list depending on object (let's take TaskObject) properties like "it taunts me", "i'm afraid of it", "it's pretty boring", "really awful", "extraordinary!", "yeah... but could be better!". What we call emotions.
But that's not all. Because we usually mix up all the evaluations on a task in a resulting sensation that is recorded in our feelings. It means that we're capable of feeling that "something's missing" even if we can't remember what. That's resulting in a sort of multi-pointer to other feelings that re-constructs the Task.

Pretty good. Aha? :D

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