sabato 30 luglio 2011

Some shared features from programmers I've met

In my entire life I had the occasion to meet many many people working in the IT sector and plenty of my favourite ones: hardcore programmers. From these, year after year, I discovered some shared features that put them all between the same brackets.

First: Doubts on church and divine intervention
One of the most shared from us [programmers] is that we really don't believe in anything that could seems near to God and what the chatolic church tries to teach us. I suppose this happens because we work for many hours in an environment where WE are gods and our duty is to SOLVE problems in order to FIX things that don't work. What kind of god is so up us? Maybe one super-user? Cutting out philosophy, this certainly is NOT related to church's concept of God in any way.

Second: House and electronic music
Pretty strange to find, but the most talented programmers I've ever met actually listen to house, tecno and electonic music in general all the time, especially when coding. Maybe the code will flow out better from their hands.

Third: Belief in a macrodeterministic universe
Cutting out quantum physics and microindeterministic universe described well from the famous Cat everybody I've met agrees that we live in a macrodeterministic universe and that our role is just to live. For those of you afraid from already-choosen-destiny's issue I just advice you the theory from Matrix reloaded. "I've already chose. I have to discover my choice now."
Role of physicians in all of this? Reverse-engineers of world. That is REALLY awesome imho.

Write down in comments your `must to have` for the best programmer! :D
(because there is really no best prog :P)

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