domenica 11 settembre 2011

Super 8: Ideas injection!

Today I got the occasion to see the new movie from award-winning director JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg. It really flooded my mind with new exciting ideas for my next (and awesome, of course) videogame.

What I noticed is the "big thing". I mean... from the very start you're placed into a very little situation, organized by little kids for a little project. But in the meanwhile a large disaster happens. I was some kind of shocked for the grandiosity of the train-disaster scene. It covers a very large landscape, many fields and the sound use is just incredibly amazing! It really makes you feel into the movie.

That's what I want in my next videogame. I want to shock the player with greatness and large spaces... I want to put it in very little scene and action management (you know... micro) and then give the ability to use speed, explosions and world mutation (macro) in order to give many possibility to escape from the paradigm of a fixed genre videogame.

And then at the end I want to give the player the greatness, the style (in itself) and the strong part of his new adventure.

I want to give players a new perspective to the world.

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