sabato 30 luglio 2011

Some shared features from programmers I've met

In my entire life I had the occasion to meet many many people working in the IT sector and plenty of my favourite ones: hardcore programmers. From these, year after year, I discovered some shared features that put them all between the same brackets.

First: Doubts on church and divine intervention
One of the most shared from us [programmers] is that we really don't believe in anything that could seems near to God and what the chatolic church tries to teach us. I suppose this happens because we work for many hours in an environment where WE are gods and our duty is to SOLVE problems in order to FIX things that don't work. What kind of god is so up us? Maybe one super-user? Cutting out philosophy, this certainly is NOT related to church's concept of God in any way.

Second: House and electronic music
Pretty strange to find, but the most talented programmers I've ever met actually listen to house, tecno and electonic music in general all the time, especially when coding. Maybe the code will flow out better from their hands.

Third: Belief in a macrodeterministic universe
Cutting out quantum physics and microindeterministic universe described well from the famous Cat everybody I've met agrees that we live in a macrodeterministic universe and that our role is just to live. For those of you afraid from already-choosen-destiny's issue I just advice you the theory from Matrix reloaded. "I've already chose. I have to discover my choice now."
Role of physicians in all of this? Reverse-engineers of world. That is REALLY awesome imho.

Write down in comments your `must to have` for the best programmer! :D
(because there is really no best prog :P)

domenica 24 luglio 2011

Reverse engineering human brain

Have you ever lost yourself into thinking about the thinking structure that flows into your mind?

It's quite amazing and I'm getting more and more confident while I do this. It's basically a callback function in our brain that is run every time we perform an action, or what I like to call, a major subroutine. This means that you think about how you think (which is pretty recursive) but often led to see how you really think and act and why.

Let's take an example that happens to myself sometimes. I'm often late for pretty anything on earth except for two things: school and girls. This is quite strage, Watson. What makes the difference in my brain between "going out with friends", "singing lesson" and "go out with a girl"?
I realized that we constantly make some micro checks of what we have to do in definite periods of time. Than we also order our to-do list depending on object (let's take TaskObject) properties like "it taunts me", "i'm afraid of it", "it's pretty boring", "really awful", "extraordinary!", "yeah... but could be better!". What we call emotions.
But that's not all. Because we usually mix up all the evaluations on a task in a resulting sensation that is recorded in our feelings. It means that we're capable of feeling that "something's missing" even if we can't remember what. That's resulting in a sort of multi-pointer to other feelings that re-constructs the Task.

Pretty good. Aha? :D

mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

One shot from the past

I've just watched American Pie 7: the book of love; and the only thing that I think it's to be said is...
Again, big shits and little truths.

lunedì 11 luglio 2011

Net Ping App: la soluzione per una connessione scassata

Come molti di voi forse non sanno, la connessione internet che ho a casa fa pena. Nel senso che cade ogni due per tre lasciandoci senza banda. Vi state chiedendo dove sia il problema?
Beh, il problema maggiore è che quando la connessione cade non lo vedo scritto da nessuna parte perchè di fatto il mio amato pc è sempre collegato al router. Quindi non so quando poter navigare e quando no, non so quando sto scrivendo a vuoto in chat e non so nemmeno quando mi si refresha l'ip per megavideo.

Oggi, dopo molto tempo, ho scritto una piccola applet per il pannello di gnome che in base al timeout di un ping mi dice che combina la mia rete in quel momento, e se è down per troppo tempo mi visualizza un popup che mi dice - OH NOEZ! - e quando torna su un bel - YAY! -

Ubuntu 10.04+ (32 e 64):

GNOME 2 generico:

Distribuito sotto licenza CHICKEN-NUGGETS-WARE

Se usate ubuntu 10.04 o superiore scaricate questa versione, più integrata e che funziona decisamente meglio:
Per installare "make install"! Senza il sudo mi raccomando.