domenica 28 giugno 2015

GSoC update: ocs-server

Hello planet! Here is a small update from the "newborn" ocs-server project.

Currently me and the guy behind the "plasmastore" client are working together very close. We're able to meet in person almost every day so that's quite amazing. I can help him build what it's mainly an ocs client.

But be prepared. We got great news ocs side! We're very close to a first testing release with some extra goodies. First, let's look at the real core of the project: the support of the ocs protocol.

At this time we support:
  • FAN
Our next calls in the roadmap would be KNOWLEDGEBASE and PRIVATE DATA. We also did some theorical test on NewStuff compatibility and it /should/ work altough never tested mainly because it works if queried by libAttica used in Gluon Player. We also found some parts of the protocol to be obscure or not well documented, so we contacted Frank, which is the protocol mantainer (correct me if I'm wrong), and came up with the possibility to troubleshoot and/or extend the protocol itself, which is amazing. Me and Francesco thought about the possibility of adding support for HASHTAGS and we're writing a more formal proposal to be sent to review.

I also prepared an Admin Panel that is quite ready to go, used by admins to administrate the ocs-server. It can run some tests on server status checking what works and what it's still broken, and can also administer content categories.
Along with the admin panel, there's the first run install wizard that will guide you in installing and configuring the ocs-server with the local/remote database and some other basics configurations.

My aim is to release an alpha (that will surely contain bugs) within one week, with all the documentation on our community wiki page:

So everyone that will need a server that handles a generic type of social content with users management and an open interface with plenty of tools (php with our OCSClient library, libAttica, newstuff etc...) for quickly writing clients we got it!

Ah, last thing! I'll be at Akademy this year so feel free to come and talk to me, as I'm a bit shy!