venerdì 20 aprile 2012

Four days crazyness!

In those four days I'm going to do a complete crazyness! I was just listening to some AudioMachine, in particular this one and while it was playing I just saw it in my head! I was ashtonishingly looking at my new Eternal Spring trailer!

So, here we are! After many times I got stuck on various situations, now, waiting for GSoC results, I'm going to create a video game trailer for Eternal Spring. Not an awesome trailer. A breath-taking one. If it wouldn't be, it wouldn't also worth the time! ;)

Stay tuned!

giovedì 19 aprile 2012

Good practices

Always a good practice for a programmer:

  • When you're about to shut down your machine and stop working, give "uptime" command.
  • Spend a minute thinking about how much time you're spending for this, and how much you spend for the rest of your life.

domenica 1 aprile 2012

The Gluon Dream

Hello! :) Today I will talk to you about an interesting project I've been working and experimenting over the last 2 months: Gluon.

 - What's this Gluon about?

Gluon is a project of the KDE software (in the playground[1]) with a big dream: delivering high quality free games and a game creator.
Technically speaking there's the Gluon Creator, which is the game maker built on top of Qt and OpenGL, and then there's the Gluon Player, which is the actual "player" of the games baked without the creator. The idea behind all of this is quite awesome and impressed me a lot.

 - Why should it be revolutionary?

Every person with a passion for videogames but not willing (or not able) to learn a complex programming language and framework can achieve his/her dream of make a new videogame. This opens a lot of opportunities to the free gaming world, involving also the individuals (and bored :D) people into game development.

 - Ok, got it. What about portability?

Gluon is more than awesome in portability. Compared to other deployment engines like Steam or USC, Gluon brings a "player" that can read and play baked games. This is amazing, since we just need to ship the baked game file, not compiled or architecture dependant. 

This means that Gluon games can be played on every OS and architecture that the Gluon player has been compiled for. Since Qt is one of the most portable frameworks the awesomenessmeter is quite high.

 - Wow, that's cool! What about distribution?

Here is my idea. We assured that Gluon has quite awesome deployment system. What is really missing is a distribution system that rocks. The official website for gaming community collaboration is and the only implementation is the test server[2]  kindly provided by Frank Karlitschek of My idea is to develop it further, giving players and developers the ability to sign up, upload games, play, give feedback and ratings, but also comments and other. Imagine a social website that could meet all those requirements. But there's more!
I would also use and (in part implement) the Open Collaboration Services protocol that allows any client written in any language (that use OCS) to interface to Gluon database of games, users and so more.
See the OCS reference to have an idea of what can be implemented.

 - Awesome! There's something more?

Yep! One thing more. Since we're creating all this for Gluon, and since OCS, db schemes and protocol are quite fixed inside the protocol, we can also make all this portable to other projects as well. Just to give you some examples... this could be adapted to store amarok's plugins, music context collaboration in Amarok, Tomahawk etc. or plasma themes, or even a QML app store.

But those are just theorical ideas. So, please, help me promote my GSoC proposal: :)

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