giovedì 25 luglio 2013

Gluon and the state of the project

Hello, I'm the guy currently working on Gluon project for GSoC with the idea of Making the Create > Discuss > Play workflow actually work.

Last year:

Well, last year I joined GSoC too, always with Gluon, and I wrote a working OCS server just for Gluon purposes. Of course it's not full featured neither bug free, but it's currently serving us at this address: In addition, I developed the future Gaming Freedom web site that is using our OCS server too.

This year:

I started a partial rewrite of the Gluon Player which now uses QML and plasma components. Here is a screenshot of it running:

It currently supports login/logout and registering a new account but the target for the end of the project is to browse and play games. Also graphics isn't perfect and amazing but we can always improve it after having the application working.

What games?

In order to play games we must have games. So yesterday I finished to fix Gluon Creator (which is a game creator) in order to work with our central OCS server, so you can now make your game, log into GamingFreedom network and publish your games automatically.
Gluon Creator will give you the possibility to modify description, changelog, version and so on, but the most amazing part of it is that it will create a "gluonarchive" that will be uploaded to server, ready to be played!



And you'll find your game there on Gaming Freedom website page!

What's next?

I'll plan to give the possibility to the player to actually play games through QML Gluon Player, and eventually, give feedback like comments and votes. I'll also update my scratch repo with the updated sources of the OCS server, in case someone else needs my work.

Thank you for the attention, have a good day! :)

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  1. So what is the status of the project, I was very excited about an open alternative to GameMaker. Can we make games with this yet?

  2. You can already make some simple game with gluon creator, but gluon player and the deployment infrastructure aren't ready yet :( We'll have it up and running for the end of this gsoc.

    Our aim is that you can create a game with the creator, publish it and players will have the possibility to directly play it. For now, you can start creating your game :)